Holidays are approaching in great steps – get ready for them well! Make every day an unforgettable adventure, and every trip comfortable and trouble-free. Don’t forget to document your trips too! What do we have for you? The best, cool and useful holiday gadgets, which are a hit this year!

First of all – do not lose energy! You must have a solar power bank always with you!
Imagine that while traveling through the wilderness you are catching the rubber, and your phone has the last line of battery and before you manage to call for roadside assistance it is completely discharged. What are you doing? You are waiting for any passing car, hoping that the driver will be kind enough to help you. What if this or similar situation occurs in the middle of the night? Black scenario, right? Remember – power bank is the basis of these times!

Power solar bank with flashlight and compass

Always charged (it charges through a solar panel, up to 30000 mAh!), with a waterproof casing (works in all conditions), with a double USB port (you can charge 2 devices simultaneously!), equipped with a powerful LED flashlight and a compass, thanks to which you will never get lost.

Power bank is indispensable in every trip, thanks to it you will be able to get out of the most difficult situation without any damage. It costs less than PLN 55 and will provide you with comfort and safety in all conditions.

Secondly, don’t get lost! Take a portable car navigation system with current maps.
You will always get to your destination quickly, easily and without any problems – all you need to do is to have in your car a modern navigation system with up-to-date maps, which will not fail even in difficult conditions. Our navigation system has a large screen (up to 7″) and a very intuitive interface, so you won’t have any problems with its operation even while driving.

GPS navigation Pediatrician 7″ – Bluetooth, 

Modern navigation will quickly and reliably determine your location and determine the optimal route. Importantly, this model allows you to configure user profiles so that you can set the options for hiking, cycling or car travel. Navigation will not only help you get to your destination safely, but will also inform you about the rules of the country you are currently in and the speed limits. You can always save your route and benefit from a number of useful features, especially when you are at a standstill or stuck in a traffic jam.

Fourthly: take original souvenirs – what will you say for photos and films from the drone?
Traditional photos and videos recorded on the phone as holiday souvenirs are a thing of the past – surprise your friends with fantastic bird’s eye view photos! A small, indestructible throne with a camera will not only allow you to record the coolest moments from your holidays, but also provide a lot of fun.

Extremely fast, maneuverable drones with a camera you can have for less than 200 PLN! Just think how much joy you will be getting from heavenly stunts, recording movies and taking pictures from this unprecedented perspective.

The Drone is very easy to use, so you’ll quickly learn how to use all the features. It has 3 speed levels, headless mode, auto-return function and spectacular LED lighting.


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