If for you, your car is something more than a machine that takes you and brings you. If it is an extension of your personality or you simply like to take it to the last one, there are a series of devices and gadgets that you can not give up, some of them for safety, others for simple comfort.

For safety

Having a car and not having a navigator is like having a home and not having a refrigerator. This device is very useful and offers many applications that you can not give up on board. But not only the navigator is an essential gadget there are also other devices and accessories that you can not stop using on board your car. Such as the community radar spotter, the blind spot mirror or the rear view camera. Don’t worry if your car doesn’t equip them at the factory, in specialized shops or online shops you can find them at very competitive prices.

Navigator. Of course portable. An interesting device that will not only tell you which is the shortest or fastest way to get to your destination but will help you with applications such as bluetooth to talk with hands free, will warn you of fixed radars, you point out the speed limits … It must be portable because it is cheaper than those offered by car manufacturers in their models and because, in addition, you can take it and use outside the vehicle.

2.-Blind Spot Control. If your vehicle does not have it in the standard equipment, you can make yourself for little money with a mini adhesive mirror, on sale in specialized stores, which is installed in an angle of your mirrors and from which you can see the area that would normally be hidden. Very effective for seeing where the standard mirror does not go.

3. Rear view mirror with monitor and rear camera. A rear camera will help you park more easily. Even if your car doesn’t have it, you can buy it and install it yourself. You have to get a portable rear camera, a transmitter and a mirror with monitor to see the images. You can find it all at Amazon for about 50 euros. You can install the camera behind the bumper or inside the trunk but, in both cases, logically you have to make a hole in the rear camera plate.

4. Radar warnings with community of users. There are devices that not only warn you of fixed radars but are also continuously updated by a community of drivers who are inserting the points where there are new radars, both fixed and mobile. Sometimes it’s just an application that you can download in your browser.

5.-Wheel pressure gauge. Although you can measure the pressure in the gas stations, with a meter you can do it every week with comfort and reliability. Remember to do it cold. Wheels with pressure loss not only compromise safety but also consumption.


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