The 2018 World Cup begins and, from now on, football will not stop. Every day and every hour there will be something to follow: games, news… One of the most awaited events that only happens every four years and that is finally here. To celebrate it, we have shown you the best tablets to watch the 2018 World Cup, how to follow all the matches… Today we show you some fundamental gadgets for the 2018 World Cup.

There are games almost at any time and there are many useful gadgets to complement your mobile or your tablet and watch all the games. We show you some impressible.


If you’re going to be away from home with your friends and you’re going to watch football on the tablet or you’re going to listen to the radio because you can’t see it, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for everyone to find out about the goals all together and celebrate all the games. A cheap speaker that does not need cables and that will allow you to follow La Roja anywhere and in any situation.


If you’re caught playing games at work or have to watch it on the couch with your tablet while others watch something else, you’ll need a headset. These wireless headphones allow you to listen to your team’s goals anywhere without the need for cables, comfortably and wherever you are. You can watch matches without disturbing anyone and from anywhere.


Nothing like moments with friends to remember them forever. If your team wins, the celebration will be epic and deserve to be remembered. This camera allows you to take pictures in any situation or record video of your celebrations with a battery capable of lasting up to 120 minutes at a time. A cheap camera, less than 50 euros, which will be your best complement this summer.


This external battery will cost you less than 10 euros and has 4,000 mAh that will recharge your mobile more than a full charge so you never run out of battery in full match. You will be able to charge your mobile and keep track of who scored the goal, when it ends or what the final result is. You won’t want to be uninformed during the 2018 World Cup and always carrying a battery is a perfect option. In addition, it is available in different and striking colors.


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